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Battery? Check. Shoehorn? Check. Make it fit!

After the alternator issues a while back, I found the battery was pretty much toast. It worked ok if it was warm, but the minute temps got to 18* or lower, nada. I started out putting an electric blanket in the engine compartment to keep things warm enough to start the bus in the morning, but on 0* mornings even that wasn`t enough.

The battery I had in there was a series 47. I hit Wallyworld and thought I grabbed another 47. I get home and go to put it in the bus and find it`s considerably longer. Hmm.. I wedged it in sort of and went on my way.

It wasn`t until yesterday when I go to get it properly seated that I notice I bought a 49 series, not a 47. No wonder it was longer!

Well, if I can make it fit, I`ll be a happy camper. The thing is rated at 1000 cranking amps at 32* and 850 cold cranking amps. Should be plenty even on the coldest morning!

I removed the charcoal canister and the ECU cable to provide clearance for the battery. It fit in snug as a bug in a rug. The ECU cable went back on, but I can`t get the charcoal canister where it belongs. For now it`s just wedged between the body and the air filter box.

I`m debating now whether to relocate the battery to the driver`s side, or to relocate the charcoal canister instead. The charcoal canister would be easier and cheaper (I`d have to buy long cables for the battery, or long hoses for the canister), but with the typical rusty battery tray, I may go ahead and do the battery.

Regardless, it`s nice having the big fat battery spinning my engine in the morning!