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Still need help

The Guac has been down since January, but I have little time to troubleshoot. So in troubleshooting time, I`ve spent maybe a week on it.

I`ve isolated things (I think).

Idles from cold start at least 30 minutes (I figure any longer was pointless)
If revved to 2k rpm and held, will only last 45 seconds or so.
- When it cuts out the tach drops to zero
- There are no warning signs leading up to this
- I can repeat this over and over. So it`s not (or no longer) intermittent

Wiring has been checked and re-checked and re-re-checked. Coil
replaced. I`ve now swapped out 3 different coils and get the same
results. Points and condensor replaced. Distributor replaced. I even
put a compufire on it. Exact same results. Wire wiggling does nothing.

Vacuum leaks have all been sealed. The last one was yesterday, a fuel
injector seal wasn`t seated properly which was probably from previous
troubleshooting. (Yes, I got the rear drum loose. The hammer blows did

Several dual relays tried. Injectors spray nicely when triggered,
don`t leak when off.

Fuel pressure stays up. When idling and warm the vac is between 14 and
15, which is probably good for Colorado.

The only things I haven`t tried are replacing are the engine (heh),
the resistor pack, and the computer.

I`m leaning toward either computer or ignition due to the way the tach
just flatlines like that. Though I can`t see how the computer would
affect the ignition?

Any thoughts? Things I haven`t tried? Help?