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Making a run at the Continental Divide

One of the things I`ve always wanted to do was take a pic of the bus at the Continental Divide. Ideally I`d like one for each season. Yeah, I`m a geek.

Well, since yesterday was my birthday, the wife asked me what I wanted to do. Anything at all.

"Let`s go to the Continental Divide!" was my obvious reply. "We`ll make a day of it. Loveland Pass is only an hour or two away. We`ll drive up, take pics, eat lunch, and drive home."

So off we go. We`ll be leaving in an hour or so. It`s about time for an oil change on the Guac, but I have a rule: No work on the bus immediately prior to a long drive if it can be avoided. I have a fear that I`ll make a mistake doing the work that will cause major problems on the road. I`d rather discover the mistake while running to the store than when doing 75mph in the middle of nowhere. So the oil change will have to wait until tomorrow.

Again, the goal is one photo per season. Let`s see if I can accomplish that within one year. Today will be the first photo: SUMMER!