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Bus Furniture

The Seat
I`ve had a front passenger seat from a 73 bus in my garage since I gave away the Great White Bus. I offered it to Chris at Busted Bus and he said he`s got way too many as it is.

I didn`t want to throw it out. While the vinyl is dried and cracked, the padding is perfect. This seat is COMFY. I found it at Pull-N-Save and bought it to replace the padding-less seat that was originally in my 73.

The Sacrifice
Over the past few weeks, the back of my desk chair had been bending back progressively. I finally gave up on the chair when the back was nearly horizontal.

Man, this chair was only 14 years old! I bought it from the AS-IS section of the Ikea at Tustin Marketplace for $20. They don`t make things like they used to!!! ::wink::

The Stand
I tore the desk chair apart and found the brace that holds the back upright wasn`t bending... The BASE of the seat that it mounts to was! This is good and bad... I can`t use the base and brace the way they are, but it means I *can* use them!

I welded the brace to the base instead of using the hand screw. Much sturdier and I was able to use more of the base to support it. The stand is ready for the modified VW Bus seat!

Wood and Seats and Screws OH MY!
I originally just ran a pair of 2x4`s across the top of the stand and screwed them into the bus seat. But it raised the seat too high to comfortably use my desk. So I had to tear it apart and try again. This time I used a sheet of particle board screwed into the frame of the seat, then the stand is screwed to the wood.

For the back I cut a piece of plywood and mounted it to the back brace, allowing the back of the seat to rest against it. But the back was too far back due to the shape of the bus seat. So I wedged a 2x4 to prop it up. This kinda looks stupid right now, but I`ll pretty it up later.

I`m sitting in the chair right now and it is COMFY!!! It`s at least equal to the Aeron chairs we had at work!