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3 Hippies and a Green Bus

A recent post over on The Samba got me thinking about this crazy series of events back in 2004.

3 guys bought a bus on eBay, flew from IL to Hollywood to pick it up, and found out they had been burned by the seller. BAD. These guys, who embody the word "hippy" as I`ve never seen before, believed they could fly in, pick up the bus, and fly home.

It was not to be.

Luckily for them, they ran into a local bassist, "Bottomend". Bottomend went way above and beyond in helping them, spending 2 weeks getting their bus into some kind of shape. The story of personal growth, exploration, and frustration are inspiring if not flat terrifying.

This is the way the VW community can come together! Absolutely amazing! I doubt any Ford Explorer groups would do this for absolute strangers...

The thread is here: I`ve also archived it into PDFs for easier printing and reading here.

The photos I took when I gave them the $350 we had collected in donations are now here in the 3 Hippies Gallery. Video? You want Video now too?!?!?!?! YouTube to the rescue!