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VW Bus Photo Of The Day - 7/1/2007

The first jumpseat is complete. While the concept is based on the Westfalia seat that was in my 1973 VW Bus, this has been designed completely by me.

The original Westy ones were designed to work with the bulkhead on the earlier bay window busses. But my 78 7-passenger Transporter didn`t come with bulkheads behind the front seats. So I had to design with that in mind.

The back is MUCH lower than the stock ones to clear the front seats, though I could have designed it with the frame straight up from the seat stand instead. But I really wanted to use that nice flat surface behind the front seats as a mount point.

With the back being that low, it`s pretty much only usable for children or adults during short trips. It would be uncomfortable for long trips, IMHO.

The foam is the same used in the westy bed: 4" high density gray foam. Super comfy on your butt!

Check out the rest of the pics here: Westfalia-Style Jumpseat Gallery.