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79 VW Bus Square Port Heads

What is WRONG with some people?!?!?!?

I started pulling the heads off the 79 bus engine in my garage. The engine turned freely so I was wondering just why the thing was given up on. Now I know.

Stupid mechanics. Or DPO`s. Either/or.

When I got the head off, it was obvious the combustion chambers had blown out all around the head. And there was a combination of combustion residue and cooked oil in the combustion chambers, the head around the cylinders, and the first couple fins on the cylinders. I found that each cylinder had 2 gasket rings, one bent or broken, and one mostly round.

Someone tried to fix leaky piston rings by adding an additional set of head gaskets!

The valves are nice, there are no cracks in the 3/4 head (I haven`t pulled 1/2 yet), so someone blew it. Sigh.

What`re these heads worth? I have no use for square port heads...