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ARCHIVE- GWB Autofest 2004

2004 Autofest

At JBugs in Oceanside, CA

My first show! Hooked up with 2 busses and a Karmann Ghia for the drive from Orange County to Oceanside for the show.

As you can see, while we were drizzled on, we were treated to a spectacular sunrise!

Once we got there, everybody pulled into the parking lot. I didn`t realize that I was entering the show if I pulled in. Oops! I paid my $$ and parked with the rest of the bay window busses (read: on the other side of the building).

There were some outstanding busses, both splits and bays made a showing, though there were way more splits...

Like I said, some beautiful vehicles. I got a kick out of having the entry sign on the Great White Bus, so made sure to get a pic of that. But then...

Yep! I won 3rd in the Bay Window category! WooHoo! (I think it was a mercy win, since there were definitely better busses there...)

On the other side, there was a beautiful Karmann Ghia Baja. Check out the pics: