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ARCHIVE- GWB Chrome Bumpers

The day the Great White Bus got some shiny new chrome bumpers!

When I got the GWB, it only had a front bumper on it. And that was ugly, bent, and poorly painted.

So I kept an eye out for at least a replacement rear bumper. Karl sent me the brackets for the rear, which I quickly painted white to come close to matching the GWB. Then another Type 2 list member told me he had a set of chrome bumpers from Bus Depot he`d sell cheap. The reason being he got them damaged, and BD credited him some $$ for them, but let him keep them. Since he didn`t want damaged bumpers, he sold them to me. Total cost was like $140 shipped.

Here`s how they arrived, via Grayhound:

The black stripes are just vinyl tape. I left them on, in hopes of someday being able to afford true impact strips.

Installation was not as easy as it should have been. Yes, the front went on no problem, but lining the bumper up with the rear brackets was a nightmare. In fact, I only have 4 bolts holding it on instead of the normal 6. I`m not concerned since the thing is just stamped steel and not going to provide much protection anyway.

You can see in the last image just how badly my rear valance is pushed in.

They sure do improve GWB`s look!

As I mentioned, these came from Bus Depot. They are listed as "triple-chrome" bumpers, but even Ron`s said on the Type 2 list that he doesn`t like the chrome quality. But they`re cheap, look nice for at least a while, and keep the popo`s from pulling me over for not having a bumper!

Here`s a good look at the chrome job quality:

So, were they worth what I paid? Yes.

Would I have bought them new? No.

I would buy the painted steel ones and either have them properly chromed, or painted. But for $140 shipped, I couldn`t complain. And the chrome has held up fairly well here in Denver too!