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ARCHIVE- Guac Retractable Seat Belt Extension

Guacamole Bus
Retractable Seat Belts

Ok, everybody`s put retractable seatbelts in their busses. They`re even available as bolt-in kits now. But I`m too broke for that.

For $15 I picked up a set of belts from an early 90`s Jetta from Pull `N` Save in Aurora, CO. Using some steel "L" brackets I mounted them to the original locations in the Guac. But there was a problem...

They didn`t fit around my fat self. Well, they barely fit. I just couldn`t lean forward.

Obviously that wasn`t going to work for me. I considered putting the original belts back on (ugh). I considered making or finding an extension belt section, but that would just be ugly and a pain. So I decided to extend the receivers instead.

Both the receivers (bus and Jetta) ended at about the top of the seat stand. My plan was to get them up by the seat instead. That would give me 10" or so extra, plenty to lean forward to reach the glovebox.

I took the original bus receivers and ground off the rivet that held the head to the steel bar. I ground the surfaces of both receivers where they would meet so my crappy welding skills would be able to still weld them. I first welded inside the holes on the receivers then went around the edges.

Like I said, I can`t weld. Plus I`m using a cheapo $60 120v arc welder. The welds are ugly, but strong.

The end result was pretty ugly. I needed to cover it.

I used some scrap vinyl from my upholstery projects. I folded it inside out and sewed a seam lengthwise. Stupid me forgot to finish the edges before sewing the long seam, but it worked out. I tucked the ends in with a little bit of glue.

Then I turned them rightside out and slid them up onto the receivers.

I think they turned out pretty good. And they`re way more comfortable now.

Next is to put something over those ugly seat stands...