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ARCHIVE- Guac New Barefoot Pedal Pads

Barefoot Pedal Pads

The pads on the Guac`s brake and clutch pedals were SERIOUSLY worn.

Then I stumbled on some interesting ones on eBay:

$16.50 shipped. Not bad.

So I got them and installed them. Unfortunately the way they`re designed, they must mount sideways. I decided to have them "pigeon toed" since the toes look more fragile than the heels. I mounted them so the heels are where my feet are most likely to hit.

The rubber is softer than the other aftermarket pads I`ve had, so may not last as long. But the softer rubber will likely give me better grip in the Colorado winters with snow and slush on my boots.

I doubt I`ll buy them again when these wear out, because of the sideways mounting. But they`re cool while they last.