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ARCHIVE- Guac Turn Signal Switch Replacement

Turn Signal Switch Replacement

Or: Viagra for the Guacamole Bus

One night in December, while coming home from a Christmas Party, the Guac`s turn signal stalk went limp. Just flopping around there instead of the proud, erect lever it always had been.

I pulled the steering wheel off and found the switch`s internal parts had grenaded.

Thanks to the Type 2 list, I got my hands on a German made switch. It appears to be VERY nice.

The levers aren`t identical to the original switch, but they`re REALLY close:

Replacement was pretty straightforward.

I`ve gotta say it was much easier than it sounds here. But I wanted to note some gotchas that might get you. I managed to avoid all but one (the ignition plug came out), but some were obviously something that would have bitten me in the ass if I hadn`t been paying attention.

It`s nice to have turn signals again!!