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ARCHIVE- Guac Power Socket in the Engine Compartment

Power Socket in the Engine Compartment
Added 2/5/2007

I`ve always wanted a light in the engine compartment. Ideas I batted around are cold cathode tubes, LEDs, etc. But those solutions would be fixed in place. Not ideal.

A trip to Harbor Freight got me a 12v lamp with a magnetic base and retractable cord to a cig lighter plug. Item 90048-5VGA. Cost $4. Add a power socket with mounting bracket from the clearance bin at Pep Boys for $2, and my total cost was $6.

I mounted the socket to the left side if the engine compartment:

I tapped into the blower fan connector wire that`s always hot. As a test I plugged in an LED cig socket skull my kids got me for Christmas:

Worked great!

I then plugged in the HF light and stuck it to the spare tire well, and played with moving it around the engine compartment. I love it!!!

I debated leaving the light in the engine compartment but decided against it. It would fall apart faily quickly in there. I keep it just inside the rear hatch so it`s easily accessed.