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VWOTG - Mini Report

Photos Here

I didn`t stay long, but here`s a quickie...

Breakfast at Gunther Toody`s:
You guys need new alarm clocks! ;-) Everybody was there by 10am. Close enough I suppose. Yummy food!

The show:
Not much swap going on. I guess I`ve been spoiled by OCTO`s mass of sellers. I bought a pair of German front disc rotors for $45. New in the boxes. That`s $45 for BOTH! heh I also picked up a shark pin from the pin guy...

Some outstanding dubs there. I fell in love with a it car that looked like an early Porsche. It was just stunning. I was surprised at how many Dormobiles there were! Wonderful!

Anyway, after making a couple passes through the show lugging two rotors and running out of drool, I headed out.

Nice seeing everybody! I had a great time!