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Vacuum Leaks, Smog Test, and Blazer`s Automotive

For the past 2 months I`ve been ineffectively chasing a vacuum leak in the Guac. I know it`s there. Symptoms:

I managed to get it to idle some by closing the mixture screw on the AFM all the way. (Closing is rich, opening is lean.) But it was still surging from 2000rpm to almost stalling.

Since I wasn`t getting anywhere on my own, and the tags expired last month, I decided to just drop it at a shop. They found the leak at the one place I didn`t look.

Intake manifold gaskets.

They retorqued the gaskets and got it running much better and it passed the Colorado emissions test easily. That was a $120 lesson to check EVERYTHING.

I was advised to replace the gaskets as well as the S-Boot as soon as possible. I ordered a new Chinese repro (reportedly horrible quality. We`ll see) of the S-boot and already have the fuel injection intake manifold gaskets. I`ll make it a project next weekend.

Here`s the info on the shop I took the Guac to. They don`t seem to have a website, but great guys:

Blazer Automotive
3718 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113